Introducing... NEON HORROR!

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Hello Friends!

It has been a MINUTE since I've blogged. It's for all the best reason, and I'll be 100% transparent; The time I was putting into the blog was not warranting the engagement I was receiving. Yes, the intentions of my blog were to be an expression of myself or something along those lines, BUT when it started becoming another chore, I knew it was time to re-think it. And that does NOT mean that my blogging days are over, in fact, it helped me re-focus my energy. 

The last few months have been extremely busy for Bradfordley Illustration and Design. I've picked up some really cool illustration and design gigs that have kept me busy and look forward to moving ahead with several new clients on the horizon. 

I realized something that became confusing when I would talk about my business: T-Shirts and Swag vs Illustration and Design. People would say "How are your t-shirts going?" or "Oh, that's your t-shirt site". While this is all true, t-shirt design and designing swag was a motivator to keep me in the digital conversation. I LOVE making shirt designs and swag and coming up with fun mashups and punny things, but the core of my business was Illustration and Design. But there is NO WAY I'm leaving my tee designs in the dust. To be honest, they've been more successful than I anticipated and I want to push them into new territory. That's when I decided that my pop culture craziness needed its' own brand. A brand that can be used for tees, swag and a brand where I could share articles, thoughts on pop culture references, and be absolutely irreverent without it taking over the focus of my Illustration and Design business. This is where NEON HORROR! was born. I always tell anyone who will listen that my personal design aesthetic is at the crossroad of whimsical and macabre. This is the meeting of Neon and Horror, which is also how I view pop culture. The culture of celebrity is like a sparkling train wreck; Most of us can't seem to keep from watching it even though we know our focus should be somewhere else. 

So with that long-winded explanation, expect to see NEON HORROR launching soon, with all of my shops rebranding to NEON HORROR. So don't flip out if you go to my Bradfordley shops soon and see that they've changed, I was not bought out (wouldn't that be amazing lol), I have simply retooled as I navigate my ventures moving forward. 

Neon Horror can be found at and is linked directly to my Bradfordley page, as sub-section! 

Please feel free to drop me a line and leave some love in the comments!