Welcome to my first OFFICIAL post (besides my website announcement - it was only like a few sentences, so let's not count that, and if you're already going to judge me then this is probably the best place for you to stop anyway). 

I have many blog entries and ideas in the pipeline, some more GRANDIOSE than others, but the hardest part is simply getting started. I will attempt to explain my thoughts...

Why a blog? Why now? Well, I don't have all the answers, but someone that randomly rings your doorbell with a publication called "The Watchtower" might. However, I am always fascinated by the creative process, by new creative things, and what others are doing that I find intriguing. My goal is to roll all of that into a blog experience, like a creative hot pocket...

I'm so excited about the things to come that my head could spin, but I'm spacing the developments in a way that is manageable, because I'm an adult now and that's how adults do things. Like when we spend our hard earned money on action figures and costumes, am I right?!

I have three major loves in life: Art + Music + Grilled Cheese Sandwiches (and more minor loves than I can get into, because those are the subjects of future posts). My life has been influenced heavily by my childhood when I was obsessed with pop music, cartoons and horror movies. So my inspiration is found somewhere near the intersection of Elm Street, Electric Avenue, and the Smurf Village. 

My life has been a complete exercise in the creative, the whimsical, and the random. A short history lesson: I grew up in Eastern Kentucky in a small town named Raven. I always said it was near Pippa Passes because there was a college there and more people had heard of it. If you need to know geographically where that is, think Loretta Lynn "Coal Miner's Daughter" Country:

(Side Note: I did buy this coloring book a few years back when I visited Butcher Holler.)

Growing up in Eastern Kentucky came with a share of challenges, but I would not change it. My backyard was the mountains, we swam in the creek, we played with our neighbors and we rarely locked our doors. I myself was a Coal Miner's Daughter... err... Son (depends on who you ask I suppose). My escape, like many artists, was my imagination. I was almost always coming up with original comic book characters, adding my own mythos to existing comics/cartoons, and making up original movie trailers with my cousin (with whom many claim I share a brain). I would also write original songs, that were often sang by me and my friends on the school bus. I went on to study Art, while still loving music and performing. When life gave me a crossroad after college, I decided to primarily perform and do Art on the side. Now life is totally different, but I am thrilled with how it is all playing out.  

My goal is that my blog can become a welcome friend every week, that I can add a bit of my own brand of whimsy to your day, and that you come away learning something new (whether or not it's something you wanted to know will be up for debate). And if my blog knocking at your digital door isn't what you're looking for there's still that rando with "The Watchtower" publication.

If you have any suggestions for blog posts, things I should elaborate on or try, please free to leave that in the comments (or in the comments on my facebook page, which you should be following Next week we jump in, see you on the other side!